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Our Services

Our list of services covers only those that we feel we have been able to demonstrate, over and again, that we’re really, really good at. They are:

Customized Course &
Program Offerings

Individual &
Team Coaching

360 Degree
Feedback Processes

Employee Performance &
Development Planning

Confiict Resolution (Consulting
& Team Interventions)

Customized Course and Program Offerings

  • The Essential Skills of Communicating
  • The Essential Skills of Leadership
  • Developing and Coaching Others
  • Managing Change
  • Holding People Accountable
  • Crucial Accountability
  • Managing Time Effectively
  • Presentation Skills
  • Foundations in First Nations Career and Capacity Building
  • Foundations in First Nations Leadership
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Mastering Difficult Conversations

  • Communicating in Conflict
  • Communicating Upwards
  • Managing Complaints

Performance Management

  • Communicating for Performance
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Building Employee Engagement and Performance
  • Developing Performance and Development Goals
    and Standards
Individual and Team Coaching

As seasoned leaders ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes. We understand the challenges that you and your teams face, and that, just as our best
athletes benefit from coaching, so do our business leaders and teams.

At TaylorMade, we act as a trusted and confidential sounding board. Our sole purpose is to help people and teams unlock and achieve their full potential through improved self-awareness, clarified goals, and the support they need to solve the challenges and problems that they face. It’s hard work that comes with homework but believe us when we say, it’s so worth the effort.

360 Degree Feedback Processes

TaylorMade Learning Solutions is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to creating, administering and interpreting behaviourally focused 360 degree feedback processes – the right way! We offer 360’s as part of our coaching services and only in situations that we are confident the organization and participant understand the true purpose and intent behind this invaluable feedback process.

At TaylorMade, 360 degree feedback processes are offered solely as development tools – not work performance assessments or evaluations. At the same time, we’re the first to acknowledge that engaging in a 360 isn’t for everyone. It’s not easy to find people with the skills and experience needed to effectively administer and interpret them, or that understand the true purpose of a 360. It’s also not an easy process to go through as the individual. We know this because we’ve been administering them for fifteen years. We know how controversial 360s are – we just feel that behind every bad experience, was a bad process and so we strongly recommend leaving these to the professionals!

Employee Performance and Development Training

TaylorMade Learning Solutions has more than fifteen years of experience developing performance and development frameworks and processes that rely on the ability of employees (at all levels) to engage effectively in the meaningful conversations that support them. As leaders in the area of performance and development planning, we bring a wealth of experience to the development of the frameworks we create, the curriculum we design and the programs we facilitate.

Conflict Resolution

TaylorMade Learning Solutions has more than fifteen years of experience facilitating team conflict situations. We provide the support that organizations, leaders and teams are looking for, to more confidently and successfully engage in what are typically, long overdue conversations. We work with them to address these situations and establish the team norms and conversational skills they need to move forward. And, as
importantly, we make sure they have what they need to keep it all on track, into the future.

Working with organizations to address their conflict situations is something we are really, really good at.