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Welcome to TaylorMade Learning Solutions

At TaylorMade we’re dedicated to helping organizations transform their learning culture from a solely classroom-based approach, to one that leverages all that the workplace has to offer – one that is more action-based, exposing employees at all levels to the knowledge, insights, practice and experience they need to be successful on (and off) the job.


We’re here to reignite the passion and curiosity for learning that each of us was born with.


We’re taking organizations from the Conventional to the experiential classroom; exposing employees at all levels, to the knowledge, insights and experiences they need to be successful at work and in life.


We support individuals and teams to develop the skills and behaviours they need to reach their highest potential.


Developing behavioural and technical competence is a process; not an event. People learn best when they’re able to apply what they’re learning, day to day, on the job and in their life.

Our difference

  • We leverage all of the upsides that on-line/digitally delivered learning has to offer (that of asynchronous delivery, supported by multi-media, at a low cost) without all the down-sides (low knowledge retention, behaviour or work performance change). 
  • We offer the best of what a face-to-face classroom experience has to offer (that of networking, discussion and practice group opportunities) without the high cost of classroom delivery and the need for everyone to be in the same physical space at the same time.
  • We focus on the needs of today’s organizations and the self-directed learner.
  • We approach learners as the individuals that they are; strategically targeting the areas of competence that require the most focus and attention.

Meet Sharon deLure

Sharon deLure brings more than fifteen years of curriculum design and facilitation experience to a broad spectrum of clients including provincial
and municipal governments; crown corporations; post-secondary institutions; not-for-profits and the independent school sector.

Sharon’s extensive public service background and senior management
experience have proven invaluable to the classroom learning she designs, customizes and facilitates – ensuring participants come away with practical and relevant tools that can be applied immediately, back on the job.

TaylorMade Learning Solutions focuses on the needs of today’s learner by
leveraging the learning opportunities that already exist for them in their workplace. And, it wasn’t Covid-19 that forced us to re-think the traditional training delivery model – we’ve been doing it for fifteen years.

Sharon is dedicated to helping organizations transform their learning
culture into one that is experientially-based, exposing employees at all
levels to the knowledge, insights and experiences they need to be

Programs and services include:

  • LearnScape: A digitally delivered experiential-learning program offered in stand-alone or a blended (with classroom) learning format
  • Executive coaching
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Customized leadership development programs
  • Curriculum design and development