Talent En-Gauge

Introducing Talent En-Gauge

The Talent En-Gauge engagement survey and analytics tool equips organizations with everything they need to monitor and improve employee engagement. Employee engagement is pivotal to the success of all organizations – and research proves this time and time again. Measuring engagement – and then acting on the engagement score – can be a challenge. This is where Talent En-Gauge comes in.

Talent En-Gauge® helps you to plan, target and implement engagement – and re-engagement – activities.

It allows you to analyze the data as you wish – and then suggests actions for individuals, managers and the wider organization to take to improve engagement, with the emphasis on individual ownership. You will find Talent En-Gauge® goes well beyond employee surveys with the reports illuminating, easy to understand and yet providing real depth.

How it can benefit your organization:

  • Compare engagement across departments, geographies, managers – or any other employee group you collect data on.
  • Connect engagement levels directly to action – for as an organization, for the manager and the employee.
  • Understand how well managers are engaging their teams and find trouble hotspots.
  • Draw on engagement elements to explore your organization’s key areas of focus.
  • Correlate engagement with performance and progression.
  • Utilize our model of engagement – or use your own.

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