Our seasoned facilitators bring more than ten years of helping organizations grow

TaylorMade Learning Solutions has been offering facilitation services surrounding a broad range of communication, team and leadership development topics for more than ten years.  Our facilitators combine their real world experience as seasoned managers and leaders themselves with their demonstrated understanding of the adult education principles that are so important to the success of our learning events.

We take our commitment to your return on investment seriously, ensuring our learning events are more than just a day out of the office.

We don’t play silly games, have participants tossing balls at one another or put people into compromising positions.

Instead, we rely on engaging content, dialogue, practice,
skill building, stories and the excitement that comes with
discovery, to make a day spent with us worthwhile.

TaylorMade Facilitation

At TaylorMade Learning Solutions, we recognize that having the credibility of one’s audience is essential for learners to fully engage and that it’s important we bring the real work and life experiences that come from having held a range of operational and management-level positions ourselves. We’ve been receptionists and clerical staff and at the same time held our own as senior executives in the boardroom, so when it comes to speaking from experience; we can.

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