Curriculum Design & Customized Learning Programs

Learning programs and curriculum that suit your organization’s unique strengths and needs

For learning to stick, it has to be relevant to the very real world in which you and your employees work in. For this reason, our customized learning programs include case studies and language that are important and relevant to your organization.  Whether you’re looking for a learning solution that’s on-site, face-to-face, is an e-Learning solution or something in between, we’re worth talking to.

At TaylorMade Learning Solutions, we offer customized courses and programs on a broad range of topics including those found in LearnScape’s Program Model.

Our extensive course library allows us to quickly draw upon the best content there is, with customization following these six simple steps:

    1. We confirm the need for the learning from your perspective and take the time to understand what has occurred that led you to this place.
    2. We confirm the learning objectives and outcomes that we will ultimately use to evaluate our performance against.
    3. We assess the current skills, knowledge and competence level of the learners involved.
    4. We determine the method of delivery.
    5. We develop the customized solution.
    6. We evaluate our performance.
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