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How TaylorMade can help you

TaylorMade Learning Solutions offers programs, training and facilitation services to individual leaders, businesses (large and small), government agencies and educational institutions, designed to successfully build on their existing knowledge and strengths. Programs and services include:


An Action Based Learning program and solution for developing critical thinkers with the soft skills needed to navigate the challenges of today’s workplace. Unlike traditional training, LearnScape approaches soft skill and competency development by re-awakening the learner’s natural curiosity and independent thought. We all know that having the knowledge is only one part of the equation and that without the skills to apply it, it’s really quite useless on it’s own.

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Organizational Assessments

Talent En-Gauge® is a tool for running organizational engagement surveys. Talent En-Gauge® helps you to plan, target and implement engagement – and re-engagement – activities. It allows you to analyze the data as you wish – and then suggests actions for individuals, managers and the wider organization to take to improve engagement, with the emphasis on individual ownership.

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360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a process that incorporates feedback from an individual’s manager, peers, direct reports, customers and/or clients (among others) and includes their own self-assessment.  When the right foundation is in place and 360-degree feedback is utilized as a tool for development (rather than evaluating performance), the process has time and again shown to be a catalyst for the increased self awareness as well as improved relationships and performance, that is so critical to individual and organizational success.
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Curriculum Design & Customized Learning Programs

For learning to stick, it has to be relevant to the very real world in which you and your employees work in. For this reason, our customized learning programs include case studies and language that are important and relevant to your organization.  Whether you’re looking for a learning solution that’s on-site, face-to-face, is an e-Learning solution or something in between, we’re worth talking to.
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TaylorMade Learning Solutions has been offering facilitation services surrounding a broad range of communication, team and leadership development topics for more than ten years.  Our facilitators combine their real world experience as seasoned managers and leaders themselves with their demonstrated understanding of the adult education principles that are so important to the success of our learning events.
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Program Design & Consulting

We offer professional program design and consulting services to organizations looking to develop learning solutions to meet their unique needs.
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